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Public Works Department

Your water and sewer service is supplied from the municipal system. The bills also contain charges for residential trash collection and is billed and payable monthly at City Hall

To sign up for water and sewer service you need to stop by City Hall and complete a small amount of paperwork and provide identification. 
If renting/leasing, an occupancy inspection permit is required and a $100 meter deposit.

Water meters are read on or near the 20th of each month.  The bills are then processed and mailed on the last working day of the same month.  Payment is due when billed and bills shall be considered ‘delinquent’ after the 15th day of that month; a $5.00 penalty will be applied to all ‘delinquent’ balances. Accounts beyond 25 days ‘delinquent’ are subject to disconnection without further notice and an additional $25.00 will be charged for this disconnection.


For Billing call City Hall


Mon - Fri ----  9 am to 5 pm

case of a sewer back-up, water leak, or any other emergency

Public Works Director

Nick Grube



Ron Parmentier

Carl Wheeler 

              Jacob Corder               

Emergency Information


The Public Works Department's normal working hours are from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm.  In case of a sewer back-up, water leak, after hours or any other emergency with your system please call 


 Public Works Director at 573-259-2075.

Nick Grube is the Public Works Director, and handles organizing the daily activities for the department.

The City of Gerald's public work's department oversees all of the daily operations for the city's street, water, and sewer systems.
The Public Works shed is located at 221 Beck Street, next to the North water tower.